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We do not recommend Paypal because their interest rate is too high. Better for you, Thawani, their percentage is very small, but Thawani opens for you to the Gulf countries only.

Shipping inside Amman is a fee for us. The connection is only by storing the products with the company, and as soon as the order is prepared, the site will automatically take it and ship it

The shipment comes from the Asyad company. We only, after requesting the website, send the product details to the Asyad company with all the information related to the customer. Of course, Asyad will contact you to take the product

Also, with regard to external shipping in the same way, and with regard to prices, it depends on your agreement with the Asyad company, but often their prices depend on weight

Yes, Asyad Company provides us with the shipment number and we show it to the customer so that he can track it on the Asyad website?

The first batch, we will put it , any other products in the future we will teach you the method

The button appears everywhere on the site. If someone want to inquire, then pressing the button will direct to conversation in WhatsApp

Yes, the site works as a generator, and it also has a writer according to your desire for the code, and you can also make a discount in proportion or by the amount, and you can also make an expiry date for the code

Yes, a special program for a project owner to receive requests and receive notifications as well

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هلا والله كيف ممكن نضبطك😉؟
هلا والله كيف ممكن نضبطك😉؟